Kids, Get the Toys out of the Skimmer!!

Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard for your Swimming Pool Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard Protects your Swimming Pool Pumps and Skimmer

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Protects your Pool Skimmer from Pool Toys and Other Floatation Devices from getting into your Pool Skimmer and Blocking the Flow of Water to your Swimming Pool Filter Pump. 

Installs in Seconds on In-Ground and Above Ground Pool Skimmers.

No Tools Required - Just Snap the Skimmer Guard  into the Swimming Pool Skimmer (for Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass Swimming Pools) or Peel and Stick our Velcro Fasteners to the back of Guardz-it and apply it to your Pool Skimmer Face (for Gunite Swimming Pools);  Removal is just as easy.

Made of Durable Plastic. 

Stays in your Swimming Pool.   There is no need to remove Guardz-It for Swimming or Cleaning. 

Designs for Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass In-Ground Pool Skimmers and Above Ground Swimming Pool Skimmers are Available Immediately.   Designs coming soon for Gunite Pool Skimmers.   

Protects your Filter Pumps and Motors from Water Starvation, Due to Floatation Devices Getting into the Swimming Pool Skimmer Basket. 

Fits most Intakes.  The Standard Model fits Intakes 7 5/8" wide x 5 5/8" tall Pool Skimmer Openings.  The Wide mouth Model fits Intakes 15 :wide x 5 5/8 tall.

Keeps Floating Candles from getting into your Pool Skimmer, and Prevents Clogging of your Pool Skimmer and Pool Skimmer Weir from Floating Torpedoes. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Guardz-It -  Swimming Pool 
Skimmer Guard (Pat. No. 7,052,602)

Are Floating Toys, Noodles and Squirt Guns getting into your swimming pool skimmer?   Did Floating Candles get into your pool skimmer and melt your pool skimmer lid?    Do Pool Torpedoes get in the pool skimmer and wedge the skimmer weir closed?  

 Are you always yelling at your kids to "Get the toys out of the skimmer"?     Use the Guardz-It Skimmer Guard for your swimming pool skimmer and Yell at your kids no more!!  

Guardz-It  - Swimming Pool Skimmer Guard works on above ground pools and in-ground pools alike.   With its' patent pending design, the Guardz-It attaches to the front of your skimmer , without interfering with the operation of the weir or preventing the flow of water from getting into the pool skimmer.    We have models available for Vinyl Liner and Fiberglass above and in-ground pools, and will soon have models available for Gunite in-ground swimming pools.

Guardz-It Skimmer Guard is currently is use in swimming pools in the Midwest.   Order your Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard today.

Standard Skimmer Guard
Widemouth Skimmer Intake Guard for Vinyl-Liner or Fiberglass Pools
Widemouth Skimmer Guard

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Skimmer Guard is easy!

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