1.  Will it fit our swimming pool?    

For Vinyl Liner Pools, the Skimmer Guard is designed to snap into the standard flange on the skimmer.     The Standard Model fits Intakes 7 5/8" wide x 5 5/8" tall.   (Hayward 1075, 1084, 1086, 1089; Jucuzzi Deckmate; Pentair / Pac-Fab / Bermuda / Hydro; and  Sta-Rite / Swimquip Brands). 

The Wide mouth Model fits Intakes 15 :wide x 5 5/8 tall.  (American Admiral; Equator/Kafto; Hayward 1085; & Pentair / Pac-Fab / Bermuda / Hydro Brands) 

 The Skimmer Guard snaps into these openings with ease. 

2. I have a Gunite Pool, with the Guardz-It fit our pool? 

Typically, YES.   Our Standard Model fits most Gunite or Concrete Pool, depending on how they are installed. 

We have also successfully installed the Standard Guardz-It Model in some Gunite pools, by simply attaching the Standard Model to the flange or the tile using velcro fasteners. (as shown in the first picture)     

On Gunite or Concrete Pools with Widemouth Openings for the Skimmer (as shown in the second picture), we use our Standard Skimmer Model.  These pools have a deep recessed opening, where the Standard Skimmer Guard easily fits by inserting it into the opening, and the wedge design of the skimmer inlet holds the skimmer intake guard in place in front of the skimmer.     The Standard Model may have to be trimmed to fit Gunite pools, where the grout covers more than the 1/2" required by the flange. 

Here are a couple of pictures of Gunite Pools with the Standard Guardz-It Model Attached.


3. Do I need to remove Guardz-it to clean the pool?    

No, Guardz-It can be left in place the entire pool season.    If you typically run the vacuum hose through the intake to vacuum, then you can simple remove Guardz-it and replace it when you are finished cleaning.     Or just run the vacuum hose through the skimmer cover, and leave Guardz-it in place.   

4. Can I order a Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard  by mail?

Yes, We accept personal checks and money orders.  You can send your orders to:

Guardz-It -  Skimmer Guard
c/o Machineworks of Ohio
PO Box 496
Loveland, Ohio  45140

5. Email us your questions at info@skimmerintakeguard.com