Figure A:  Removing Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard

Grab the Skimmer Guard at one end by the grid.  

Figure B:  Unsnap

Gently pull the Guard.  The Guard will pop and one end will unsnap.

Figure C:  Release

Slide the Skimmer Guard, and it will release from the Intake

Figure 1: Installing Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard

Position your Skimmer Guard in front of the Skimmer Opening. 

Figure 2:  Position One Side

Slide one end of the Skimmer Guard into the right of the intake. 

Figure 3:  Position Other Side

Set the other end of the Skimmer Guard into the opening.   The part will bow as shown in figure 3. 

Figure 4:  Snap 

Snap your Skimmer Guard into position by pressing on the face of it.  You will hear hooks "snap" and your Guard will be installed.