Kids, Get the Toys out of the Skimmer!!

Guardz-It - Your Skimmer Guard for your Swimming Pool Guardz-It - Your Skimmer Guard Protects your Swimming Pool Pumps and Skimmer

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Installing Guardz-It Skimmer Guard is easy. 

See our installation instructions.  Let Guardz-It  Skimmer Guard keep your pool toys out of the skimmer.

Set-up and installation instructions

Questions about Guardz-It?

Will it fit our swimming pool?

See our Questions Page  for more information

Become a Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard Distributor / Retailer 
  • Include a Skimmer Guard with every Swimming Pool you build.

  • Install a Skimmer Guard with each Pool Opening or Closing. 

  • Display Skimmer Guards in your store for sale to your retail customers. 

  • Sell as a New Product on your Company Website.

Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard is a high quality pool product designed for above ground and in-ground pools.   

Guardz-It comes in a designed plastic package with cardboard header, suitable for hanging on your store shelves.  It also comes with a single sheet brochure for counter top display. 

The product is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee against all manufacturer's defects.  

If you would like to sell the Guardz-it Skimmer Guard in your pool supply store or online, you can email us.   

Please provide your Name, Title, Company Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Website URL, and let us know how we can help you.    

Thanks for visiting Guardz-It - Skimmer Guard.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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